Motorhome Motability do not pay the VAT!

Motorhomes for the Disabled "Motorhome Motability"


There is no need to pay vat if you are a genuine disabled person, if you are dependent on a wheelchair, motorhomes are a flexible and a very popular choice of vehicle to use for both the transport of disabled persons and leisure use by disabled people, the Government runs a scheme of relief from paying VAT on a motorhome adapted for disable use. 

Vat Information can be found on the HMCE (Her majesty’s custom and excise) website. The VAT notice is 701/59 and the title is "Motor Vehicles for Disabled People". You will find the full details here regarding eligibility, there is also a helpline number that is the national VAT enquiry line on 0300 123 1073.

For detailed information put "vat 1615" into Google.

Basically the VAT has a zero-rating of the VAT.

So if you are disabled you will pay no VAT on the purchase price and this has been extended to cover used motorhomes that have been specially adapted vehicles for disabled use. 

The choice of a vehicle to be used by a disabled person needs some thought there are many good specialist converters of disabled vehicles who can advise and help you to get what you need, high-top panel van conversions are often better than pop up roofs the most important thing is to have a large sliding door if possible.

Automatic transmissions or an Auto clutch there are many vehicles that come with an  automatic transmission if you are able to drive with your disability automatic's and things like cruise control fitted in many cases as standard equipment come in very handy to assist you in driving a motorhome.

Manual gearbox's can also be adapted using a system such as auto clutch this makes the gearstick do the work of a clutch you simply select the gear you need to be in and auto clutch does the rest for you.

Paperwork and Doctors.

Do not be put off by having to visit the Doctor to get all the paperwork in place and things that you need to adapt and have fitted to your motorhome, again do not worry there are many good dealers who know how to do all of those things for you and the VAT helpline is always on hand to offer sound advice on what is and is not available to be done to get a disabled status.

Campsites and stay overs for the disabled.

Caravanable is a great website to help the disabled find the right accommodation on a camp site or stay over location. Angie Gardiner and her husband Tim, have a disabled son, Richard, who is a wheelchair user in their quest to find information in advance they became frustrated with the lack of information about facilities for the disabled on caravan sites so they decided to produce this website to help people know what is available for disabled people. What a great idea!

Motability accessible guide.

For a more general guide to disabled days out the accessible guide online from Motability Operations Limited is the principal service provider to Motability and the Motability Scheme whilst they mainly provide cars for the disabled on a government backed scheme they do a lot of good research that helps disabled people, the registered office of Motability is City Gate House, 22 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 9HB. They are registered in England and Wales Co No 1373876.

Finding disabled motorhomes for sale.

There are many good websites online to help disabled people to find holidays and campsites for example disabled holiday 4 U however if you are searching for things online the main thing you may want to find is information about is "motorhomes for disabled" on the other hand you may need to find information an a motorhome to buy! Try "disabled motorhomes for sale" or "disabled adapted motorhomes" another good search term is "wheelchair adapted motorhomes" a lot of people want to try out a disabled motorhome before they buy one so go for "motorhome hire for disabled" or "wheelchair accessible motorhome rental". If you are looking for a good campervan to use as a disabled vehicle try "adapted campervan disability"


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